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Karlos Maguirez Industries is a Mexican company set up in the year 2010 by señor Karlos Maguirez. It is a company that deals in many different areas of... "Commerce". The company started out as second hand car dealership and quickly branched out into many other "areas". It is believed that the company "allegedly" turned to more criminal affairs when it was said to run a sheep rearing farm in Oklahoma out of business by the use of blackmail and hiring out dogs to kill their sheep..."allegedly".

When the car dealership seemed to be going down hill K.M.I decided to take up selling and transporting used furniture, mostly dealing with the U.S.A. As well as that, he began hiring for his now flourishing company. A list of the known employees can be seen below. Karlos Maguirez, being half-Irish, decided to shift his focus to international pursuits and set up his first foreign branch in Ireland .

Karlos Maguirez then decided to run for El Presidente of Mexico. Unfortunately he failed in this attempt because of his terrible advertisement manager. He did, however, suceed in securing his position as mayor of Mexico city.

He has accomplished many things since then. Here is a list of just some of them.

Criminal AcusationsEdit

Although never officially charged K.M.I. have been subject to many criminal accusations, including :



The only known image of Karlos Maguirez and currently the official logo of Karlos Maguirez Industries.


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  1. Carl
  2. Kam
  3. Mak
  4. Kha'
  5. Tony
  6. Fat tony
  7. Blind Jimmy
  8. El Macho©

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Project Taco

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One of Karlos Maguirez's favourie radio stations. Listen here.

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